Today I seem to be wondering a great deal about loss. What does it mean to the development of who you are to lose a parent?  A spouse? Is your value diminished when your children leave to form families of their own?  When all of the forces that came together to create who you are are stripped away, what is left?  Is that enough?  Is there still value in your being when you cease being someone’s child, spouse, mother? Is my existence predicated by my relationship to these significant others?  Can I exist outside of those for whom I care?  As a teacher, caring is a great part of what we do. Is my propensity to do that altruistic, or survivalist?  Does my caring for others ultimately define me?  Is there another me, inside, who hasn’t been exposed to the light of day because of my connections to these other significant forces in my life?  Would I like her?  Is she kind?  Does she need to, want to, come out and play?