Closing the Books

By Susan MacKay-Logue


When all my books are balanced,

And my final ledger’s read,

Please celebrate a life well lived.

Don’t cry because I’m dead.


St. Peter’s kept a tally

Up on that Pearly Gate,

And found that I’m not wanting.

My goodwill score is great.


My debits I gave freely,

In service to mankind.

My altruistic leanings

Were liberal arts aligned.


The talents that I shared,

In efforts to give back.

Were clearly well intended.

So this kept me in the black.


The life that I created

With the woman that I love

Was a beautiful adventure

That I cherish from above


I was always an accountant.

Precise in every way.

But I worked to live,

And that I did, with gusto every day.


I’ve friendships in abundance

And a family that I love.

I’ve travelled o’er this glorious world

With grace from God above.


The assets that I treasure

live on in you, my friends.

Family, travel, learning,

And a love that has no end.


When I’m reconciling my accounts

And I give my life a look,

I intend to thank the Lord above,

When I finally close the books.