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The Power of One

The world, it seems broken.  
But what can be done?
Don't underestimate the power of One.

One can acknowledge the problems we see.
They aren't about them,
they're You and they're Me.

One can decide to reach out and connect,
with those who are different
 from what we expect.

By learning from others,
their truths and their tears, 
One can cast away prejudice, judgement, and fears.

One can build bridges between you and I.
It may not be easy,
but shouldn't we try?

It's not about cops
and it's not about color.
It's mostly about us not trusting each other.

Trusting's a risk that we all need to take.
Are you One to take risks
for humanity's sake?

If you are, please come join me.
I'm One, and I'm ready.
To stand for what's right, I'll be strong. I'll be steady.

Your One plus my One, makes two, that's a start.
It may be imperfect 
but it comes from the heart.

Together we'll model how it could be done, 
so don't underestimate
the power of One.



In the News

Every day for 90 years

The papers arrived in threes.

The Examiner, Times, and The WSJ,

Littered by his knees.

He pored o’er every article,

Reciting facts within.

Only to finish late at night,

And tomorrow, start again.

The joy he took in reading

Inspired me from the start.

I’d mine the ink in articles,

To feed my curious heart.

Together we prowled the pages,

Stalked politics and sports,

Stocks and bonds, and local news

And the comics, too, of course!

The paper made him brilliant.

He could speak on anything.

Like Vietnam and baseball,

And Spain’s most recent king.

Juan Carlos is no longer.

And time has marched along.

And Daddy now is older.

No longer big and strong.

He still enjoys his paper

But three’s too much to read

Still, daily he pores over

Each line with wanton greed

On the downside, he’s forgetting.

In fact, he’s gotten weak.

On the upside, he’s been reading,

Sunday’s paper here all week.